Growing fast…

You know the feeling when you sit and look back through pictures of your little one, and marvel at how they went from this:

To this:

When I see newborn babies now I just think was EJ really that little ever? They are so small! And back then a 8kg, 7 month old baby seemed so huge, and heavy! It’s a good thing our arm muscles grow as our babies do!


Baby product related recommendations

With a sleeping baby on my lap (his favourite place to snooze and where he will sleep the longest), and typing one handed, I thought I’d start a post about baby things we’ve had that I’d recommend.

Top of the list is a Snugglbundl ( Basically it’s like holding your baby in a bag. Swinging EJ in it was a great way to get him to sleep, and although he’s now just about too big for it, and too heavy for me to hold him in it, OH does still sometimes rock him in it if all other methods to get him to sleep fail.  When he was small it was also great for transferring him out of his car seat into the pushchair or into his cot, without waking him when he was asleep. Lying him in it in his Moses basket and tucking the sides under also made him feel secure and he slept better (there is a head support in it too that gives a padded bit around the top of his head).  A friend found hers invaluable after a c-section.

sock-ons …never have a sock fall off again! Enough said 😉 EJ has worn his almost every day.

Bravado nursing bras. Oh my goodness, they are just SO comfy. Once I had one I never wore my mothercare ones again and had to buy a second so I could have one on and one in the wash.

When EJ was little then I wished we had more of the crossover type vest tops (rather than over the head ones), they make nappy changing so much easier. Something like this: 

This one is from Polarn O Pryet, I love the ones they do!

We got a Mamas and Papas stargaze playmat –, and EJ has loved it. Initially I thought it could be too much.. Like do babies really need all the lights and music and wouldn’t he just get overstimulated, but it’s been fantastic, and you can of course just turn those off. He loved it from a few weeks old until probably 6 months, and we still use the mat part for play. We had to take the arch bits down as he was just getting destructive now and pulling them down all the time!

We do cloth bums in this house, and oh my goodness how much do I love the Frugi brand of organic cotton clothes, designed to be good on those slightly bigger bums! They have been a weakness in my middle-of-the-night-internet-shopping-whilst-nursing sprees. Sssshhh don’t tell the OH how much I end up spending at night! They also sell them over at which is another favourite site of mine! I can’t wait to buy some of the wooden toys they have when EJ is older.

Well it’s many weeks later, and I’ve been managing a paragraph or two of this blog at a time, so I think I’m just going to go right ahead and post it, or else who knows how long it will take to get it out. I’m sure there are more things I could recommend, so maybe I’ll manage a part two in due course.