A-Z of new baby thoughts

One middle of the night weeks back whilst up doing a night feed, I started putting together an A-Z of new baby thoughts / motherhood (the things you think of doing in the wee hours! I was trying to avoid online shopping which was all too easy to do at the 2am witching hour!). This is what I got to.

A is for Adorable Baby, and needing lots of Advice

B is for Boobies (no brainier!). Also Bath time, Bedtime, hearing early morning Bird song (which I never did pre-birth.. Too fast asleep. Actually I always wondered if we even had any morning chorus here in town, so now I know we do!).

C is for Challenge, Crying (mostly baby, sometimes mummy – particularly during the early weeks baby blues). Also for Cloth bums (I love our Tots Bots nappies!).

D is for Daddy time. As Ethan got older and those teeth get moving in the gums, it’s also for drool.

E – I couldn’t think of an E at the time. Now I would say enjoyable.

F is for Food.. In the first few months I just couldn’t get enough of it! I’d eat a full dinner and still feel starving.. I can still eat tons now but it’s not as bad. Also for Fun once baby gets to an age they start to interact and smile and laugh.

G is for Google..a new mum’s constant friend! Of course sometimes we have to beware of dr Google too and it can cause more worry than good!

H is for the aforementioned Hunger. And needing Help.. Especially my mothers. Happiness.

I is for 1am internet shopping..and 2am, and 4am…

J is for the Joy of being a mother.

K  – another one I couldn’t think of at the time. Now I’d say for baby’s Kicking legs!

L – Love. Long days. Life changing. Gorgeous baby laughs.

M is for Milk, Midnight snacks, motherhood, Muslins (don’t under estimate how many you will need!), baby Massage.

N is for Nappies. Nursery rhymes. Nursery.

O is for Oats.. Because they are in flapjacks which was a good night time snack!

P has to be for Poo of course!  I’d never have imagined how often adult conversation could be around poo when there is a new baby in the house!  Also for Play dates and for how Precious your little one is to you.

Q is for Questions, and a lot of them!

R is for wishing for a Routine and how Relentless motherhood feels on a bad sleep deprived day.

S is for Sleep deprivation, I seriously never imagined I could survive on how little sleep I often get.. But somehow you find it within you. It’s also for Singing.. Which I do like 100 times more than I used to.. Making up songs as we go about our day in the house, singing as i push him in the buggy (yes I’m that crazy lady you’ve passed in the street!). It’s also for Snugglbundl which is like a cloth bag for carrying baby around and one of our top buys, it was so useful and I’m sad he’s now too big for it! Also S is for Snacks and Spit.

T is for Tiredness like I’ve never known. Also Tears. And thankfulness that IVF eventually brought us our child.

U…hmmm..Uncle being a natural with his nephew


W is for Worry.. Am I doing it right? will baby be safe and well through his life? Etc. Also for Worthwhile, Walking (I do a lot of that with the buggy) and weight loss (I was back to pre- pregnancy weight within 2 months I’d say).


Y – Yawning a lot!

Z.. Tell me if you think of one!


I’m still here!

You’d never guess from the amount I manage to blog that I love to write. Before EJ arrived it was hard as it was to find the time and now he’s here time is even less! Trouble is these days my writing time is generally only in the evening and is spent keeping an old fashioned pen and paper journal of how little EJ is doing each day, plus keeping up with my online buddies that I went through this last IVF cycle with (5 are currently now also pregnant at last which is fab). Once I’ve managed that I usually need to crash and sleep!  

Anyway, I just wanted to shout out that I was still alive, and that despite my last (a very long time ago) post about being overwhelmed, motherhood is for the most part fantastic. I love my happy little boy to bits and he’s now at such a lovely more fun age at 4 and a half months. Here is a picture of his handsomeness 😉

I will endeavour to post again soon!