“Another dream comes true” or “You don’t know what you can achieve until you try”

Since he was a little boy my OH has been mad on cars. Kind of unusual considering his parents don’t drive and never owned a car. He seems to have this innate car sense, like we’ll be driving down the motorway, having a good conversation, yet there is another part of his brain busily clocking every single car he sees on either side of the carriageway, both make and model, and every so often he’ll come out with a “oh my goodness did you see that XYZ…”.  I like cars, I will notice some makes/models on my side of the carriageway, but more often than not all I’m clocking as I drive is the red car coming up behind me, the black one on my side and the blue one I’m thinking of overtaking etc.. Anyways, since he was younger OH’s dream was always to own a sports car. But the thing is it was always a dream, he never really thought it would ever happen, and no one ever encouraged him to try. 

When we first got together we were discussing our hopes and dreams quite early on, as I wanted to be sure we were aligned on wanting kids and getting married (if things continued well between us). Having split with my ex because whilst not being broody I knew I did want to at least try for a child (which he didnt), I didn’t want to “waste” time on a relationship if at the end of the day we had different end goals in mind. It was then I learned of this dream of his, and my view of these things is you have to try for your dreams. Half the enjoyment can be in the trying, and if you don’t try you’ll never know if you could achieve it or not. Sure some dreams (winning the lottery for example!) may not be likely (but if you don’t ever buy a ticket then you don’t even stand a chance)!

So when OH was made redundant for the company where we met, most of that money started his super car saving pot. He has been saving hard for years since then and I’ve been happy to support that by paying more than half on the mortgage etc. (because I knew once I was pregnant and on maternity leave it will be him looking after me and paying out more). He’s been keeping spreadsheets tracking possible car options (all second hand I hasten to add!), noting all costs and pros and cons, and earlier this summer he reached his target saving amount to start looking for real! You might think it is an odd point for this to be happening, whilst we are going through IVF, and he really only could have achieved this with our parents help to fund our 2nd IVF cycle as otherwise that’s where his savings would have needed to be diverted to. It might seem off to have parents help us when in theory the money was there. The thing is timing is key for him, this isn’t something he could realistically put off until later in life, because with his Multiple Sclerosis and how it affects his legs we know it is highly likely that at some point he won’t be able to drive unless it’s a modified car where he doesn’t have to use the pedals. We don’t know if that could hit next year or in 10 years, but we know it’s likely at some point, so to have his sports car dream it needed to come true sooner rather than later, otherwise there was a risk it could be too late.

So, the same day as our 12 week scan we welcomed a 2007 reg Aston Martin DB9 “izzy” to our family (OH always names his cars);) OH is over the moon and sometimes still can’t believe he has achieved this.  She’ll be with us for 2-3 years is the plan. Whilst she does have tiny tiny bucket seats in the back, baby seats are not really recommended in them, and to be honest we probably don’t want to risk baby puke in an Aston anyway! But that’s ok, as it was never intended as the family car, it’s OH’s dream car. It looks a bit out of place in our drive, and certainly gives the impression we are far more well off than we actually are, but it is very exciting to own! I’m insured to drive her, although haven’t as yet. I’ve been more than happy to enjoy being passenger, but I’ll take her for a spin soon as the bigger bump I get I’m sure I won’t want to be driving her.


He’s a wriggler!!

This morning we had our 12 week scan and harmony test results. Although we passed the 12 week milestone last Thursday, it kinda didn’t seem real until today when we could see everything was all going perfectly.

Baby B was very wriggly and sometimes it seemed like he didn’t want to be watched, putting his hands over his face, and turning so his back was to us! However we could see pretty clearly he was a boy, even without the harmony blood test confirming it 😉 As he was so active it took quite a time to get all the length measurements and heartbeat, which was just fine as it meant we got to watch him for longer 😉 His risk of any of the three trisonomy’s was really low at less than 1 in 10000 according to the harmony result, so that’s fabulous news and means absolutely no need to consider CVS or amniocentesis. Phew. 

He measured 65mm and had a heartbeat of 175bpm.

Wow. I’m going to have a son! 

Of course the slightly annoying thing is my mother was right! She was convinced my little one was a boy since I’ve had no morning sickness and she didn’t when she was expecting my brother.

They talk about pregnant ladies having crazy dreams. Well on Saturday morning I was having a “nightmare” that the president of the United States had contacted us and wanted a knitted rabbit I had made !?! In my dream I knew I’d made 6 previously but had sold them at a school fete so I was thinking what was I to do because he was adamant he needed one (why I wonder?!) and was sending a limo round in half an hour for it! So I was in a school building (not anyplace I recognised from real life) and was frantically searching around to see were there any left, and could I remember who I had sold one to so I could try to get one back, and then I found the pattern but it would take me days to do a new one.. And I was feeling stressed and then I could see the lights of the limo outside and then I woke up for real with agonising cramp in my left calf!  My heart was beating ten to the dozen with all the adrenaline, poor Baby B must have wondered what on earth was up with mummy! OH woke up (unsurprisingly since I was sat up clutching my leg going “ow ow ow” rather loudly!) and helped me ease my calf and then laughed so much at my “nightmare” that then we both were in fits of giggles.

Having thought I would be going into motherhood on my own, as lots of my friends had kids several years back, I actually have one friend who lives fairly close who is due her first baby in October, a friend who I don’t keep that good contact with (but who will always be like family due to the amount of time our families spent together when we were young) is expecting twins through IVF in January, and I just found out today another old friend is also 12 weeks pregnant! This friend already has two kids in their teens, but she is with a new husband and they have been trying for a while, on clomid etc.. Wondering if they’d have to go down the IVF route, so I’m very happy for her. 

I had some more news but I’ll save it for another post as I’m due to go out for a facial! I can’t wait as I’ve not had one since the start of IVF, and just being ultra cautious about everything, but I’ve really missed it (usually it’s my treat every 6 weeks). It’s a decleor one and it’s just the best! I also know my Facialist will be so thrilled at our news!